We are Spheroidal Graphite (Nodular) Cast Iron Manufacturer across pan India. Customised to clients requirement assuring the best quality which is used in TMT Rolling Mill, Rebar Rolling Mill, Wire Rod Rolling Mill, Seamless Steel Tube Mills, Intermediate Stand, Finishing Stand, Structural mill, Merchant Mill, Roughing stand

S.G Iron (Nodular) or Ductile Iron rolls are available in a wide range of hardness & composition for a variety of applications. The matrix structure varies from Ferrito – Pearlitic, Paralytic to Bainitic & Martensitic together with different carbide contents and graphite in the form of spheroids/nodules.

The rolls are used in roughing, Intermediate as well as finishing stands of both heavy & light section mills. Some critical grades are heat treated for higher strength.

Chemical composition and structure are chosen to suit specific application.



Chemical Composition


imageSG (P) 50-55.
Magnification : 150x.
Paralytic Matrix With Nodular Graphite

imageSG Acc 65-70.
Magnification : 150x Bainitic-Martensitic Matrix With Nodular graphite and carbides