How to Reduce the Operating Cost of Rolling Mill Rolls

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The steel industry in India is booming. Whether the customers look for exporting raw materials from China or any other country or looking for a localized solution, their requirements get catered in the best possible way. Manufacturer today are keen on providing quality products to their customers. To achieve that most of the manufacturing units have installed state-of-the-art machinery. However, they still look for reducing their operating cost to survive in the competition. This is one of the common concerns among the rolling roll manufacturers. Whether you are a tube mill rolls manufacturer or you are into manufacturing various products, you can surely reduce the overall operation cost.

The primary use of the rolling mill is to form the metal. As per the requirement, the metal needs to have less thick and to achieve specific results rolling mills are used. There are different types of rolling mills. Each type is identified by the temperature of the metal being used for rolling. When the temperature is above the recrystallization level, it considered as hot rolling and if it’s below that level then it’s cold rolling. The rolling mill rolls operation cost is high, and it is one of the biggest concerns of the manufacturers across the country. However, it can be reduced by making a few simple variations in the operating process. It has to be done carefully and to achieve the low operating cost without letting it affect the quality of the final product; the following things are required to be considered. So here are a few things that will help you to reduce the operating cost of the rolling mill rolls.

Reduce Energy Consumption

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During the operation, lots of energy is wastes and there is no account for it. The first thing you should do is to find how you can decrease the energy cost of the unit. Consider the bellow points to reduce energy consumption during the operation.

  • Use high quality machinery. The main benefit of using an advanced mechanism is that it reduces the rejects. When the rejects are reduced from 1.5% to 2% can lead to a reduction in fuel use up to 9%.
  • When the motors used in conjunction is highly efficient, the electricity used during the rolling process can be reduced too. The estimated reduction in energy consumption is nearly 1% to 2%.
  • Reducing the amount of oxygen by 1.5% in heating furnace is also proved effective in reducing the cost. Once the oxygen reduction is successfully implemented, the energy consumption can be decreased by up to 2.4%.

Process Optimization

Mill rolls manufacturers can also reduce the operating cost of rolling mills by process optimization. More than one components are required to utilize for the state-of-the-art rolling mill. One needs to focus on constant improvisation. Proper analysis and evaluation of all the related process need for the best output. The first step would be to reduce downtime. Following by that one needs to accurately interlink the production stages.

This is very effective in increasing the productivity of the operation. The energy used per unit can also easily measured. The overall process optimization will minimize the risk of scale loss and will increase the overall efficiency. This should be put in practice by steel roll manufacturers and also for others who use different metals.

Choosing the right equipment

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Using quality equipment has a lot to do with the operating cost. It affects the overall value in different ways. Quality equipment is equal to less maintenance cost. You don’t have to spend money on maintenance work as the equipment are reliable. Another significant benefit of using superior quality of equipment is that it also reduces the system downtime, which plays a crucial role in overall operating cost. Along with using quality equipment, keeping necessary parts handy is also essential. The replacement can be done quickly without wasting much time.

Leverage Automation

Leveraging automation is also useful when it comes to reducing the operation cost of the rolling mill. Making any production efficient requires the combination of using advanced mechanical equipment, process technology, and automation functions. These three factors play a crucial role in reducing the overall operation cost. Using the most suitable software and electrical equipment will enable the mill operators to receive more accurate information for automation and unification of mill setup and control, which will allow them to improvise operating practices and increase the production. Today, steel roll manufacturers in India adapting to the changing trends to get the best result.


These are the four simple ways to reduce the rolling mill rolls operating cost, including reducing energy consumption, choosing the right equipment, leverage automation, and process optimization. You can surely reduce the overall operation cost by the proper implementation of the tips as mentioned above. Along with that, you should opt for regular maintenance of the machinery. When the maintenance expenses are frequent and affect production, you should choose for purchasing new machinery.

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