How to Find a Mill Rolls Manufacturer to Get an Affordable Deal?

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The use of advanced machinery has made the production of industries faster and also profitable. When the machines produce an excellent quality result at a faster pace and also with accuracy, it directly affects the overall cost of the production. Today, these technical equipment have become an essential part of all the industrial unit. One of the finest examples of this technical evolution would be the steel industry. Manufacturers today have taken an advanced approach to cater to the requirement of the market. With the proper use of machinery, providing accuracy in outcome is now possible. Whether we talk about rolling mill rolls or other steel production units, getting superior quality products is not that rare now.

Let’s discuss different types of rolling mills:

There are five main types of rolling mills

  • Two high rolling mills
  • Three high rolling mills
  • Four high rolling mills
  • Tandem rolling mills, and
  • Cluster rolling mills

Two High Rolling Mills

1 Two High Rolling Mills

Here, there are two categories, one is two high reversing rolling mill and second is non reversing mill. In the first type, the roll rotates in one direction and then in its reverse direction. This enables rolled metal to pass back and forth through the rolls for a number of times. The most common application of this type is plumbing and slabbing mills. Along with that, it is also used in structural mills, rail and a few more. It requires reversible drive and so compared to the non-reversing mill, it is more expensive.

In the non-reversing rolling mills, the two rolls move constantly in one direction, which consumes less power and so it is less expensive. However, it is time-consuming as the material has to be carried back on the top of the mill to pass it through the mills. This is very popular among the mill rolls manufacturers across the country.

2 Three high rolling mills

It consists of three rolls set one above another. The material can be passed through the top and the middle rolls in one direction while the adjacent rolls rotate in opposite direction. Both forward and return passes can be used for passing the workpiece. Each pass reduces the thickness. Workpiece inserted automatically by using the mechanically operated tables. These tables move vertically. It consumes less power as the rolls move in just one direction. The rolls require to be grooved to produce sections.

3 Four high rolling mills

It consists of four parallel rolls set over each other. The top and the middle rolls move in opposite direction. Middle rolls also rotate in opposite direction. Top and bottom rolls are called back up rolls as it gives required rigidity to the smaller roles in the middle. These middle rolls are smaller in size. Four high rolling mill is used for both hot and cold rolling of plates, sheets and strips.

4 Tandem rolling mills

Two or three sets of rolls are set with proper alignment which enables continuous passing successful while changing the direction of the material.

5 Cluster rolling mills

It is a different type of four high rolling mill. Here, two small working rolls receive backup from two larger rolls. It may require to employ work rolls of a seriously small diameter. However, the length has to be properly maintained. In such cases, the proper outcome of the working rolls can be gained by using a cluster rolling mill.

steel roll manufacturers in India

There a number of reputed steel roll manufacturers in India. To get the quality products delivered you should approach a reliable company that caters to your requirement in the best possible way. There are a few things that need to be considered including delivery time, cost and quality of the material. Whether you are in the construction industry or you need rolling mills for another purpose, you can surely find the right deal in no time. You can easily find a proper solution of tube mill rolls, ring rolls, tungsten carbide rolls, etc. All you need to do is to follow this simple procedure.

Spending sufficient time online is important. You should visit a few websites of manufactures as it will help you to learn necessary details about the company, such as the experience of the company, manufacturing process, available products, clients of the company, etc. These things play a crucial role in your decision. Once you find it adequate, you should ask for the quotation. You should also consider the online ratings and reviews that the company has received from the customers. If the price is within your budget and you are promised to get quality products then you should go ahead and place the order.


There are five main types of rolling mills that include Two high rolling mills, Three high rolling mills, Four high rolling mills, Tandem rolling mills, and Cluster rolling mills. Each rolling mills are used for different purposes. When it comes to finding the right manufacturer, it is important to focus on these factors such as experience, cost, and quality. Find a company that provides a proper balance in cost and quality in their deal and then make your decision.

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